Intelligent Chemicals

Our chemicals bring divers applications to the textile industry. Intelligent chemicals that we offer bring up protective and healthy particularities to the textiles materials.

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Intelchem chemicals in our daily life...

For a more healthy and safe life IntelChem propose fire retardant, antibacterial, antidustmite compounds.

 Why the fire retardants?

Depending on the cautions taken for the human safety, the laws and the restrictions, the use of fire retardant materials are becoming increasingly important in the industry and scientific researches. Those raw materials providing resistance to fire have a huge area ranging from daily used textiles to materials used in commercial structures. By this purpose we are developing our chemical products like the fire retardants that have a continuously growing place in the industry.

IntelChem in indusrty


     Home Textile(furniture,         curtain, mattresses, carpets)
     Protective Clothes
     Technical Textile
     Transportation (automotive,      aeronautic, navigation)
     Military Fabrics

     Textile Coating